Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Have I Got Myself Into: Loot Rule Blues

So, first off, I want to make this clear.  I was approached by a guildy/fellow blogger (fannon) and was informed until he met me in our mumble, he thought I was female.  I am a Guy.  Always have been, always will be.  I just like female toons (don't judge me). 

So, back to the topic at hand.  Last week, we had a bit of guild drama and to your surprise, it had to do with loot.  Now,  I'm sure that all who are reading this have had loot drama at some point in their raiding career.  It sucks and it is always a pain in the a**. 

For those who are asking themselves "what happened," here it is.  One of our tanks, not gonna say the name, has not really been seeing a lot of plate tank gear drop.  So, when the BoE plate dps boots drop, he wanted to roll on them.  Now, usually this is not a problem, but it goes against our loot rules.  Most guilds, like ourselves, throw BoEs in the bank if they are not needed for anyone in the raid's MS.  So, after we down Beth, he was fine and we killed Bael without hearing anything.  But, on the way to Ryolith, he lost his cool and went crazy, dropped raid, and gquit.

So, now how do you prevent things like this from happening.  Well, its simple, YOU CAN'T.  In my experience, people will not have problems with your guilds loot rules until it affects something they want.  The only thing I can suggest is have set loot rules in place and follow them explicitly.  This is the only way that loot can never be the "Guild's/RL's" fault. 

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  1. It's weird that we wrote a post on the same topic a day apart. I had no idea you'd written this until after mine was already posted and I happened to see it in my blogroll XD